Andy is here!






Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009, 01:43


Hi there everyone!


I have good news to tell you all, Andy is born. He was born on Friday night, at 8:01pm. He is 6.3 lbs. and 19 inches long. His name is AID. (i.e. help / helper). Very small baby, but healthy!


The delivery went very well. I was able to give birth naturally without any pain medication. It wasn't intentional, but oh well. On Friday, I was at my regular doctor's appointment 1:15pm. I waited to be called, and I started to leak. From there they took me to the labour room.


I didn't start feeling any contraction till about 6:30pm. It was little at first, then more and more. I was in extreme pain for about at least 30 min before Andy start pushing out. I start to feel him pushing out and contraction was more and more painful.


I told the nurse that he is pushing his way out, and we start pushing process about 7:15pm. It was only 15 or less min. that I have to push before he was out. We didn't get out of the hospital until 4pm Sunday afternoon. It felt so good to be out of the hospital after such a long stay!!!


I am very thankful to God that He was with my delivery at all the time. It was quick and easier than what I was expecting, which I'm very happy with.


Well, he is here. I'm trying to breastfeed him. It seem like he got the hang of it. One problem would be that my nipples hurts and he is addictive going to sleep breastfeeding.  I am having trouble sleeping because of it.


Please pray for his health to be even stronger and our breastfeeding. Here are some pictures. I know there are more, but I haven't seen it yet. I will send it when I have time. For now we have to do all the crazy works after birth, like insurance, checkup appt., and people visiting, and rest!!!!


Thank you all that have prayed. We appreciate it so much. I love you all very much and hope to hear from y’all soon.